ZK Token Delegation

The ZK token is used in the ZKsync governance system to provide voting power to participants through the process of delegation. Each ZK token holds 1 vote.

To activate the voting power of your ZK tokens, a token holder must delegate the voting power of their tokens to a ZKsync address. This address can be your own or a third-party. Once an address is delegated voting power, the controller of that address becomes a Delegate who is able to vote on governance proposals.

How Delegation Works

  • Delegating token voting power does not change the ownership of ZK tokens, but simply activates the voting power of ZK tokens and provides that voting power to an address chosen by the token holder.

  • Delegation can be changed at any time by the token holder on delegate.zknation.io. Once token voting power is delegated, the delegation will persist until it is changed or the tokens are sold or transferred to a different address.

  • Delegation cannot be split across multiple addresses. Once delegated, all voting power held in one wallet is delegated to a single address.

  • ZK token voting power can only be delegated by the wallet owner. Tokens held within wallets on centralized exchanges cannot be delegated.

  • Delegates who create a profile before Saturday June 15th at 11:59pm UTC will be eligible for consideration to be included in the ZK token claim flow.

Why Delegating is Important

Through delegation, it is possible for someone who does not own any ZK tokens to hold voting power without incurring any financial cost. This removes a major economic hurdle, increasing participation in ZKsync governance.

If you are are interested in participating as a Delegate, see the Delegates page for more information.

How to Delegate

  • Connect your wallet

  • Follow the prompts to select a Delegate, or self-delegate

  • Delegate

For more details on how to delegate your voting power on Tally, see this guide.

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